Tools to Tame the Bipolar Beast

I was diagnosed Bipolar 1 in 2000, but I’ve experienced various symptoms for as long as I can remember. I’ve ridden the roller coaster ride of Bipolar for my whole life. Throughout that time, I’ve built up my arsenal of tools to Tame the Bipolar Beast. With those tools, I have not cured bipolar, but I have been able to keep the highs and lows to a manageable level. I’ve reached a point where I can “live well” with my bipolar. Check out our About page to hear more about my story and the premise behind Taming the Bipolar Beast.

In this first post, I wanted to jump right into sharing a quick summary of the key tools I use every day to Tame the Bipolar Beast.

  1. A strong support network
  2. Sleep hygiene and a consistent sleep schedule
  3. Exercise and getting outside for some sunshine
  4. A (mostly) healthy diet
  5. Mindfulness including guided meditations, yoga, grounding techniques, breathing exercises and self awareness
  6. Self care
  7. Working closely with a doctor to find a medication regimen that works for you including prescriptions and/or supplements
  8. Humor!

In the coming days I’ll write more about each tool in more detail! 

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