Striving for Mindful Eating

Is anyone else working on a healthier relationship with food, being more mindful with what we eat and curbing emotional eating?? For me personally, the 2b Mindset program has facilitated a huge shift for me with my mindset around food. When I’m feeling down I can turn to food for comfort and then throw in chronic pain and it became a go to for me in the last few years. Being in a healthy relationship where we felt loved and accepted by each other no matter what was an added component of just getting comfortable, snacking and overindulging.

The last few months we’ve been getting back on track with healthier eating, more water and veggies!! When my eating habits are better I have less guilt and self deprecation and it also helps me to keep the bipolar roller coaster in check. More water, more veggies and less sugar and crap just make me feel better overall! Food isn’t the only key to taming the bipolar beast but it is one important aspect for me.

Would you believe this beer and cheese soup is also chock full of caulfilower, carrots and onions?? It was decadent and felt so sinful but it had so many veggies and we added turkey kielbasa for some protein. We used this recipe but with a regular blender vs immersion to make it really smooth and creamy and did the stove top version since we don’t have an Instapot.

I’m 20 pounds down so far with quite a bit more to go, but it finally feels achievable! I’d love to hear your tips and any favorite recipes! Is there anything you’re struggling with as you try to improve your relationship with food?

I’m trying to focus on more regular blog posts. Are there any questions you have or aspects of Taming the Bipolar Beast that you’d like to hear more about? Feel free to comment or contact me.

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